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The island prison off the coast of Florida you didn’t know existed [video]

When you hear island prison, you probably think Alcatraz. But there’s a prison older than that, and it’s off the coast of Florida. It even held an extraordinarily famous prisoner.

Full story at Seeker Stories.

More great history.

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  • Glock Guy

    Is this prison own by the United States? If yes why don’t they put the terrorist their? Instead of Cuba ?

  • You're Kidding

    Stupie – it is now a national park. Duh’oh!

  • That makes perfect sense to me. Build some sanitary facilities, water de-salination, sewerage treatment and commissary and put the nasty ba$tards there to enjoy the warm sun. The only escape is by sea and if you put chum in the waters, you won’t need guards. Just a few to protect cooks and such.

  • You would think with global warming, that thing would be half way underwater by now.