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I’ve tried the Android and iOS version, and I swear the iOS version is better….

I’ve tried the Android and iOS version, and I swear the iOS version is better. What’s up with that, Google?

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  • I cannot wait for the new BETA from Google!  The IOS version needs some work, for some reason I am getting mixed scents. And Now I have a Cold…

  • April Fools?

  • Like for real???  O.o

  • Oh darn!

  • Wow really +Guy Kawasaki come you work for Motorola now….. And BTW everyone its a April fools

  • Its still not April first here !:(( #timezone

  • My wife was testing this app on her laptop while in the kitchen and I was hoping for a nice special dinner… but then she told me the smell was coming from Google nose… I was so disappointed…

  • April Fool!

  • April fool

  • Maybe next Easter we can smell the ham from our desktop.

  • Just proves that iOS stinks 🙂

  • Just Reboot… LOL

  • Maybe Google will make a Scent for Apple, hmmm..

  • I tried it on my iPad mini. I farted and it knew what it was. I was also able to share my fart smell with my wife who's is away on business.

  • Hahaja good one

  • Who nose?

  • Just don't fart because you will blow up the lap top.

  • Now I can finally smell what the Rock is cooking…

  • lol they made an actual site for it and all

    for some reason i fell for it and tried to smell the screen….

  • Good ONE>.. THX

  • I have ipad 3 and nexus with jelly bean, and I swear the jelly bean is one million times better. what's up with that, apple?

  • +miguel reyes I wonder if getting Google Nose will be dependent on who your carrier is…

  • 1st april and google nose… Something smelling fishy.. 🙂

  • Man all you people can't stay quiet. Obviously its April fools now everyone will know.

  • +Minal C. actually they were kinda early. In CA is still Sunday afternoon…

  • Google knows, what our nose need.

  • LOL!

  • I just love +Google

  • It's just your opinion on a product. Nothing wrong with that.

  • This is an April fool joke:-)

  • This is why I love Google!

  • Guy, is that because iOS stinks? ZING! Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week!

  • Aloha ha ha good one! But possible!!

  • Lmao +Edwin Castillo ! That was great!

  • That's a good one!

  • april fools!

  • Nose? Not even going there,

  • Just don't turn off Safe Search.

  • it didnt work for me. maybe im doing it wrong?

  • I thought that was legit

  • it's on the internet. it HAS to be legit.

  • We all laugh now but in reality Google is testing public interest.

  • people stop it!!.It's not working

  • i searched death and it smelled like plastic

  • It's April, reminds you of something?!!

  • This would have been such a better April fools joke if they actually added the Nose search tab up top on Google. LOL everyone would be sniffing their device.

  • Google Nose beta….

    They certainly know beta.

  • Agreed 100%

  • :)))

  • +Simona AN

  • April 1

  • April 1

  • April fools picture that lol

  • Poisson d'avril Lool

  • Unfortunately, all I smell is burnt touch screen. I was attempting to reveal the heat sensitive messages hidden in Google Treasure Maps
    Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps

  • Loll

  • I have always said that the Google+ app on iOS is way better than the Android version. It just looks way more professional for some reason.

  • It´s a big joke!