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This Japanese toilet paper holder is brilliant

Sometimes you see a design so simple, so ingenious that you wonder how you’ve never seen it before. This Japanese toilet paper holder design is almost too perfect to believe.

Full story at YouTube.

More great design.

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  • Kellie Brown

    Wow… this is just coming to light? I found mine on Amazon over a year ago.

  • Why can’t he use the old style holder? What’s he doing with his other hand?

  • me meme

    Help Wanted:
    High Production Toilet Paper Loader

  • Wow, I like it! Please, someone sell it in the USA market!

  • Larry Cook

    In my home, no matter how easy it is to refill, it would still have an empty core in place when I went to use it. I even went so far, as to install one that is even simpler, and still nobody but I knows to refill it. Why I do not know. Just as I fold my underwear, and towels the same way, every time, because that is the way I learned to do it. Military basic training, and now 55 plus years later, it is still ingrained. Nothing gets my dander up more than to find the T/P empty, the trash can running over, and other easy tasks. Retired, two years before my wife does, and I clean and cook as well. And yes, I will refill it when I find it, no matter how upset it makes me.
    Used to room with a fireman, and he too had ingrained habits, but we never clashed on such things. He did things his way, and I mine, and yet we managed to make such different life styles work.