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Job interview? Questions you shouldn’t ask

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CNN’s Fortune Management division has published a list of questions that one really should not ask at a job interview. This is one of those real-life lists that makes you feel OK about your status in life because bad as you employment status may be, at least you did not ask these:

  1. “Do I have to be at work every day?”
  2. “Do you want to take a ride in my new car?”
  3. “Can my husband finish this test for me?”
  4. “What are the women who work here like?”
  5. “How much time do I have to put in?”
  6. “Can you help me with the employment test?”
  7. “Can I get every Tuesday off?”

And my personal fave: “Is the boss single?”

For more, and the complete list see: Fortune/CNN.

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  • this is actually pretty insulting to the masses searching for jobs right now. I’d like to see another set of questions that’s relevant and helpful and not operating on the assumption that we’re all morons. Thanks

  • Anyone who would ask these questsions obviously isn’t interested in a job. I cannot believe a reputable organization would actually publish this list. I belive Connie has the right perspective; publish a list that is relevant and useful to those individuals who actually want to work.

  • Lulu

    You’d like to think that these questions are ridiculous, but I have a friend, who is old enough to know better that has been fired several times for asking very similar questions. (She once asked a restaurant if she had to work weekends on the 2nd day there.)

  • this is a disappointment…

  • Nash

    Sarcastically funny as I cannot believe that serious folks would be so ignorant. However, I have seen folks ask such questions and get favours and eventual promotions as their behaviour would imply that they are easy to manipulate and have a low tendency to take risks.

  • Kazamias Lalalas

    sense of rumor