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John Lithgow reads Mark Twain [video]


The New York Public Library hosts a live event series, aptly titled LIVE from the NYPL, featuring readings and conversations intended to “provoke, engage, enlighten, instigate, and agitate the mind.”

In 2009, John Lithgow participated in the series with a reading from Mark Twain’s never before published Who Is Mark Twain. Based on chapter two of the book, titled “Whenever I am about to publish a book…”, the segment outlines the fourteen types of people Twain believed represented the general public. Twain’s understanding of these archetypes helped his gage the potential success of a novel in the works.

Resident NYPL artist Flash Rosenberg illustrated Lithgow’s talk, RSA Animate style, for your viewing pleasure on this 176th anniversary of Twain’s birth.

Via Brain Pickings.

Celebrate Twain by reading a book.

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