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Karmic principles for running your business—and your life


The phrase “karma’s a bitch” only highlights the negative aspects of karma. Open Forum highlights the positive aspects of karma in this post, which offers seven principles for running your business and your life, taken from Michael Roach, co-author of The Diamond Cutter and Karmic Management. Not only only do you get the principles, but you also get some application tips. Here are the principles:

  1. To prosper financially, be generous.
  2. To see yourself in a world that is happy, maintain an ethical way of life.
  3. To see yourself as healthy and attractive, refuse to get angry.
  4. To see yourself as a leader, take joy in constructive and helpful actions.
  5. To focus your mind, practice meditation.
  6. To free yourself from a world that doesn’t work the way you want it to, learn about the hidden potential of things.
  7. To get all you wished for, practice compassion toward others.

Full story at Open Forum.

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