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kGoal: Fitbit for your lady parts [video]

We can’t get enough feedback from our bods these days, whether it’s how well we sleep, what heart rate we reach during a workout or how many calories we’ve consumed in any given day, but up until now, the fitness of one particular area of the female anatomy has gone untracked.

Enter kGoal, perhaps the only device aimed at tracking the strength of your pelvic floor one workout at a time with an easy — and supposedly fun — iPad app.

At this point, we’ll be honest with you, we’re not entirely sure what goes where or doesn’t, if this is something you can do while going through your daily routine or requires some very personal workout space, but on this day of all days, we might just throw a buck or two towards this Kickstarter campaign to emphasize the fact that just because it could be used for sex doesn’t mean it is.

Here’s to the post-pregnant women of the world not peeing themselves every time they sneeze!

Full story at Kickstarter.

For your pelvic health.

Photo credit: kGoal, Graphics credit: Canva


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  • To much internet for today.

  • Does it have an easter egg feature where it rewards you if you hit a new record?

  • adil Tetiker

    Does Turkish translation? What price