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Lagoon gets dye job to deter swimmers


“Nothing on a hot summer day like cooling off in a pool of ammonia and bleach!” said nobody, ever, but even the dire warning signs surrounding Buxton, England’s delightfully blue cesspool didn’t deter swarms of visitors until the town decided to give the quarry pond a makeover.

The area town folk are hoping to get it closed up. They recently tried to get it drained but were told the lagoon was too toxic and dangerous to the water supply to be drained.

In June 2013, the council took the drastic measure of pouring black dye into the water to lessen its appeal. So far the plan seems to be working — according to locals, disappointed weekend road trippers have been turning back when they spot the newly inky lagoon.

Good call.

Full story at Atlas Obscura.

Don’t swim in the sludge.

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