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Last surviving witness of Lincoln’s assassination [video]


At the age of five, Samuel J. Seymour witnessed one of the most famous crimes in American history, the assassination of President Lincoln. Lucky for us, his story about going to the theater that night caught the attention of CBS who brought him on the game show I’ve Got a Secret, forever preserving his image for posterity.

Full story at YouTube via The Daily What.

Living history.

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  • Mike Wilkerson - 2GuysTalking

    What an outstanding sample of history, and pop culture. Notes to the quick glance: 1.) GIANT CIGARETTE PACKS on the front of the panelist podium. 2.) The actual coddling/care of an elder/of someone coming on stage by the host (assenine Ego put aside/not yet there = FTW) 3.) Real camera operator moves and jerks 4.) A real, in-house audience. Imagine being the "last living survivor, to see the last living survivor of the last living survivor to witness Lincoln being shot 😉 4.) Holding up a large carded newspaper page that would surely now be some graphic thrown in.

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing, Kate!