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Leadership lessons, youth marketing, and lacrosse


Check out the Corner Office interview of Bill Carter, the founder of Fuse. In the interview with the New York Time’s Adam Bryant he explains the leadership lessons he gained from his high-school lacrosse coach, effective youth marketing, and why the lofty expectations of young employees are a good thing.

My favorite paragraph in the interview:

“…the idea of teamwork is probably overrated. Everything can’t be about teamwork, right? I’ll take one fantastic graphic designer and one fantastic brand strategy person over a roomful of mediocre people in those functions. The ideas are better, the execution is better, we can get more done. And a lot of this, I think, is about speed. It’s not always sitting back having everything be buttoned-up and perfect.”

Hat tip to @BillMeade for pointing me to this article.

Full interview at New York Times.

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