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Lessons for success from a Tetris Master


Did we mention that he’s 18 years old? Age doesn’t matter when you’ve acheived a title that only eight people in the world (and only two outside of Japan) have ever acheived: World Grand Master in Tetris. I know what you’re thinking: what lessons can I learn from this Geek? Geekwire finds out. Here’s one:

It’s not over ’til it’s over

It’s tough enough to follow how Birrell manages to teleport the game pieces from the top of the Tetris screen to—19 times out of 20—its ideal home on the stack. But the few times mistakes cost him big and I saw that stack rise way, way too high in a round of Tetris: The Grand Master 2 Plus at Full Tilt (see the video above), I couldn’t figure out how he could stay so calm.

“No matter how bad your situation gets, you have to make it something you can handle,” Birrell said after an error cost him a few rows. Over the arcade buttons, his fingers kept fluttering.

“If you want to have a good game, you’ve got to keep going.”

Seconds later, he was back to playing at the bottom of the screen, like it never happened.

Full story at Geekwire.

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