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Lord of the Rings’ Mount Doom about to blow


If you’re an avid fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series, you might be excited to know that New Zealand’s Mount Ruapehu, the volcano that played Mount Doom in close-up scenes, may soon be getting a makeover.

Hikers have been warned away from the area and scientists aren’t sure yet if the eruption will be mild or not.

“We think that the temperature a few hundred meters beneath Crater Lake is about 800 Celsius [1,472 degrees Fahrenheit], but the lake itself is only about 20 C [68 F],” said volcanologist Steven Sherburn, in an alert bulletin released by GNS Science, a New Zealand geologic hazard monitoring organization. “This suggests the vent is partly blocked, which may be leading to a pressure buildup beneath Crater Lake.”

Movie promotions don’t get better than this.

Full story at LiveScience.

Natural blockbusters.

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