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Lotto winner now pretty much broke. Used to have $10.5 million.

Jackpot Shows Lucky Winner Gambling In Vegas

Nine years after cashing her $10.5-million cheque, Hamilton lotto winner Sharon Tirabassi is catching the bus to her part-time job so she can support her kids and pay the rent. Tirabassi, 35, has gone from rolling in dough to living paycheque to paycheque.

She and her partner between them have 9 kids. Any remaining money is in trust for them.

Tirabassi says she gave money to friends and family who came out of the woodwork; blew threw extravagant sums on traveling with others; bought houses and vehicles – but no more wild living for them.

The lottery system in Ontario doesn’t have a system for following up with winners. There’s no plan to work with financial advisers.

“There’d be no way for us to make that requirement of winners … people are adults and need to be able to make their own decisions,” said spokesperson Don Pister.
He said it is “quite, quite rare, thankfully” that winners blow through their funds so quickly, although without a system to check in, it is impossible to know.
“We do remind people it’s their money. It can be difficult, but there is a need to say no,” Pister said.

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