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Love is…matching outfits for 35 years

Flamingo love - 3D render

Who doesn’t sneak a peek at those articles promising to reveal the secret of a long and happy marriage, hoping to find the one thing that will keep the divorce lawyers at bay?

While many couples will give the six-second kiss a shot or try to remember to laugh more often, not many will go to the great lengths of Donald and Nancy Featherstone.

The inventor of the pink flamingo has been wearing outfits made by his wife since she broke him of the strictly suit and tie habit one hot day thirty-five years ago.

What started as a weekend habit eventually grew to four wardrobes of cute couples’ wear as Nancy’s sewing skills improved.

Go ahead and laugh all you want — they’re fine with that — but leave the psychology books at home.

As Nancy explained to the Guardian:

If people in the street snigger or nudge each other, I don’t mind. In fact, it makes me laugh. We once saw Dr Ruth, the TV psychiatrist, in a department store. She was making her way over to us – probably to comment on our matching coats and hats – but we eluded her. It’s one thing to get negative comments from strangers but quite another to have unwanted psychological suggestions, implying dependency issues or something similar. All it is is a positive reflection of the nature of our relationship. We’re a matched set.

Full story and photos at the Guardian via Laughing Squid.

Whatever works for your relationship.

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