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Love the idea of video responses to interview questions

Check out this review of TalentCircles. My friend, +Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, is the CEO.


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  • I guess it makes sense for jobs that require being comfortable in front of a camera, but that's about it.

    Many people get really nervous in front of a camera, even more than in front of an interviewer. The fact that, not only you can screw it up but also that it would be recorded for people to watch for all eternity can be really intimidating. Or if you're allowed to watch your response and re-record it, most people would never be satisfied because they hate to see themselves on video.

  • I thought this was a fantastic review and am excited to learn more about Interviewing.com.  This site knows their stuff and of course that +Marylene Delbourg-Delphis  & Talent Circles are doing some very cool things to help candidates and companies connect the right way.

  • Possible adding pictures to comments.

  • This is neat…we should encourage work at home for disabled people.

  • Good to see this come around again. We built a web-based application to do just this at job fairs in 2001 for a company called IdealHire. It worked really well and was very successful particularly with sales and other customer-facing job requirements. There's always an aspect of 'not comfortable in _____' scenarios but that can just as easily be true with in-person interviews. Communication skills and presentation can come through very well though.

  • I love this, especially for hiring workers from another country. I did this for a job interview with a company in Ireland that I couldn't have easily visited and it worked really well. They got a first impression of me without me having to fly out; and I was actually a lot less nervous than in the face-to-face-interviews I've done.

  • Video communication in all shapes and forms will become much more natural over the next few years, just like the telephone did a century ago.

    Recruitment is currently the situation where virtual interaction with video questionnaire is the most valuable, but very soon it will expand to other areas. 
    There's already demand in market research and it's use in remote management is starting to be explored, so before you know it your children will be posting video questionnaires on their Facebook wall. 😉

    Disclaimer: I work for https://VideoView.com which is working making this happen.