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Low vitamin D may raise cancer risk


Two new vitamin D studies suggest intriguing ties between a deficiency of D and breast and colon cancer, particularly among African Americans.

The research adds to mounting evidence that some connection exists between vitamin D and cancer, although it is not yet known how vitamin D modifies or contributes to cancer risk. Evidence is also inconsistent as to whether vitamin D might be used for cancer prevention. In a retrospective study of 224 women being treated for breast cancer at the University of Rochester, researchers found that 66 percent were either severely deficient or moderately deficient of vitamin D.

In a separate Rochester study, investigators found that vitamin D deficiency among African Americans may explain a persistent mystery in colorectal cancer: why black people die of this disease far more often than whites.

Full story at Futurity.

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  • touchingsoulsintl

    So vitamin D deficiency can cause breast and colon cancer, particularly among African Americans. Another useful finding.