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Luckey Climbers, the scalable skyscraper for kids

Kids spend years looking up people’s noses, so it’s no wonder they take every opportunity to rise above their station, much to the horror of their caretakers.

And while Luckey Climbers out of South Korea may give adults a serious case of vertigo, we can’t help but envy children visiting the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, where this amazing structure soars from first floor to second.

As Alice at My Modern Met noted, though:

With no fall or cascade greater than 18 inches, the specially designed structures are created so that kids can hardly ever stand up, instead they must crawl. “Our reasoning is simple,” Luckey states. “If you cannot stand up, you cannot fall down. In 25 years, we have never experienced any accidents!”

It’s no fifty-foot pine tree in the front yard, but we guess kids these days have to be happy with what they can get.


Full story at Luckey via My Modern Met.

Amazing things for kids.

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