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Making insects irresistible eats


If the thought of crunching down on a cricket raises a bit of bile rather than setting the mouth a-watering, UK student design group Ento understands your pain, but is looking for a way to have you chirping a different tune in time.

Entomophagy – or the eating of bugs – is already happening in 80% of the world’s countries and is a surprisingly green way to get a meal packed with protein and nutrients without taking a serious environmental toll.

According to Max Eddy at Geekosystem:

Ento’s design goal is to create foods and packaging that will slowly introduce First World consumers to the idea of eating bugs. Processing the insects into foods that in no way resemble their source is the first step, and the sushi-style cubes seem remarkably successful at this. Their other hypothetical products include minced crickets, dried grasshopper paste, and fresh whole crickets. Ento has the last of these as a late-term product, after the market has become accustomed to bug foods.

I’m seeing great potential here for solving that nasty stinkbug problem, but, um, rumor has it they’re lacking in the taste department. Perhaps a dash of Srichacha would do the trick…

Full story at Ento via Geekosystem.

Tempting the tastebuds.

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