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Making the case for in-vitro meat [video]


The factory farming industry and its affect on the environment has more people rethinking the meat on their dinner plate. Some environmentalists make the argument for worldwide vegetarianism, but turning a bacon-loving carnivore into a Tofurky fan can’t be done with a waving of a magical celery stick.

So how can meat eaters keep their taste buds happy without destroying the planet? Meat the Future proposes in-vitro meat as an Earth-friendly compromise.

In-vitro meat is produced from the stem cells of a living animal. The lab meat eliminates the need for slaughterhouses, cuts back on the methane pumping out from massive farms, and reduces the the stress on the environment.

Would you consider grilling up an in-vitro steak on the Weber?

Learn more at Meat the Future.

Go meatless.

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