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Mama dog leads rescuers to her lost puppies

This sweet dog was rescued, but her puppies weren’t with her. She escaped a few times until rescuers figured out she was going for her puppies. The reunion is very touching.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • AbbyandSadiesMom

    There is no denying a Momma’s love. Sweet.

  • tania nelson

    good mama. Wish your owner be more responsible to avoid you in such situation. Spay and neuter, we have too many dogs need to be saved

  • koky alarcon

    Sometimes humans get a lesson of love and dedication from their own pets….or other animals. Although, I think that pet owners should spay of neuter their pets, so they do not procreate.
    There are too many abandoned pets, suffering mistreat and hunger. We must, as pet owners, protect them, since they do protect us and give us love, unconditionally!