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Man feeds parking meter for 11 years


Don’t you just love that feeling when you find the perfect parking space? Of course you do. But probably not as much as bookseller Charles Mysak, who loved his Upper West Side parking spot in New York City so much that he’s fed the meter $36 a day to keep it… for 11 years. After the meter fee, Mysak takes home about $100 a day, so he says it’s totally worth it, despite violating a law:

By feeding the meter all day, he knows he’s violating section 4-08(h) of the traffic rules, but says those laws are an “infringement of his freedom” and that the city’s enforcement is “Draconian.”

Full story at the New York Post.

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  • TraciGregory

    love the remarks that the laws are an "infringement of his freedom" and the city’s enforcement of them is "Draconian". Isn’t that the way of all laws that we don’t want to honor? Draconian!