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Man overjoyed with Christmas present, cat doesn’t tolerate it

Note the difference in behavior between the cat and the dog in this video. The dog is happy for his human friend. The cat, well, just wait.

Full story at Vid.me.

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  • DJEB

    The cat did the right thing.

  • jabbadonut

    What did that guy get? I wasn’t clear on that.


    He received a PlayStation 4. Guess cat thought by the sounds he was a threat for some reason b/c cat went for the neck with the big cats do to get a quick kill… Check out OUR facebook page at AUNT B’S ANIMAL RESCUE….

  • scarlette

    Too bad the dog didn’t have something to add to that.

  • SMC

    The cat must have been a Xbox One fan, because you all know how they feel about the PS4.

  • v

    The cat thought he was a threat with his fast and loud crazy reaction, that is an amazing kitty protecting the family!

  • Rick

    that’s a good size cat in the 1st pix, so where is it in the 2nd one ? All you see is paper, nothing that size in the 2nd one, just paper. Some video would of been nice 🙁

  • Borsia Novak

    The cat realizing what was actually happening understood that the best thing to do is to put the lunatic down quickly before he could infect the rest of the family.
    Good cat

  • Tom

    wow they have really dirty carpet….

  • Celticdreamer

    Simply take the cat by the scruff of the neck and gently place him in the dryer to teach him a lesson about unprovoked attacks.

  • chpric9

    The man laughs like a cackling chicken. The cat probably thought he was being attacked and was coming to his aid.

  • michaelk

    Dude knew that would happen. That’s why he was acting so spastic.

  • Mel

    That cat is my hero

  • MichaelL

    Way to go cat! That guy is an idiot. Is he retarded?

  • kityyk

    That’s good, he won’t be celebrating like that no more

  • Jake

    That cat must be put down.

  • Mike from Mn.

    Wow, so many haters of cats in the world. I think it’s really cool that the cat did that viewing him as a threat. I don’t love cats, more of a dog dude, but a cat that does this to obviously protect and serve the family makes me give cats 1 more star in the “like” category.

  • deedee denny

    a cat that does that is a danger to all around it .. put it to sleep or possibly face a lawsuit in the future folks

  • Jim

    The cat did the right thing…protect the guy from the shrieking animal that invaded his body.

  • Don

    I would avoid ordering out from a local Chinese place for about a week.

  • Lucas

    The cat is fine.
    Put the gamer down.

  • michaelk

    I think the ca was expecting a Xbox.

  • anonymous cat

    that cat probably thought the guy was having a laughing seizure