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Man stops to help puppy cross the road [video]

This man takes his life into his hands by stopping his car, getting out, grabbing this stranded puppy, and crossing a busy road. But he does it!

Full story at YouTube.

More people doing good.

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  • Linda

    What a sweet guy

  • Eileen Sarchet

    Awesome fellow. The Mommy looks like she is hurt.

  • janice

    the one dog looks like its front leg is hurt……..what happened to the dog and the puppy????

  • there is still a hope for this world…

  • Gwendolyn Patterson

    I love him and don’t know him.

  • ernie13

    this would be an even sweeter story if he had loaded this family up and taken them somewhere so mom could have gotten some much medical care

  • lynne

    They need to be rescued. Mom is limping and they are probably strays who could use a forever home…

  • Glad he tried to help, but I’m with Ernie here.

  • Andrea

    WHAT? Just put them on the other side of the road, what a jerk, he can not be a true animal person. These dogs needed to be taken to a safe place, police station, humane society, anywhere but roaming around a busy city with many cars.I am disgusted
    with some people and their lack of empathy.

  • Ethel tucker

    yes it was sweet that he picked up the puppy, but Mom and puppy needed to go somewhere safe.I would have taken them home.

  • Heather

    Andrea is right on!! This guy is an idiot! He just loads them on the other side of the cold snowy road? Clearly they need medical care!!

  • Heather

    This idiot did the dogs no favors! Look how he held the puppy…. as if it were rotting trash! And then he just dumps this poor sweet little baby on the cold snowy sidewalk with the larger dog that clearly is in terrible pain and they both need medical care!! This guy is no hero by any means!!

  • melinda

    He SHOULD have called a rescue group in the area! What’s to say the dogs don’t cross over AGAIN and THIS TIME get KILLED!! Those poor dogs needed a LOT more than an escort to the other side!!

  • John Costanzo

    gee guess rescuing the mother and puppy was a bit to much to ask, just toss em back on the street

  • John Costanzo

    this guy is no hero wake up idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brice Beaulieu

    S T U P I D