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The many faces of postpartum depression

One in seven women experience postpartum depression or anxiety, yet sadness is only one possible manifestation of the disorder.

If you or someone close to you starts showing any of these symptoms described by Michelle Woo at Offspring, encourage them to seek help and lend them support.

Having a new baby is overwhelming enough without the specter of postpartum depression making it all the more difficult.

Postpartum Anxiety (PPA)

You may experience: Racing thoughts, a constant worry that you’re not doing enough or that something bad will happen to your baby, disturbances in your sleep and appetite, or physical symptoms such as dizziness and nausea. Postpartum anxiety affects just as many moms as postpartum depression…


You may experience: Extreme, uncharacteristic, blood-boiling anger triggered by the slightest disturbances. You know the feelings are irrational, but you can’t stop them…


You may experience: A lack of connection with your baby, or with anything else in life. You may be just going through the motions of motherhood…

Full story at Offspring.

More than the mommy blues.

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