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Mark Zuckerberg: Comic book hero?


The tale of Mark Zuckerberg’s journey from socially awkward dweeb to socially awkward Facebook CEO hits the big screen Friday, but if that doesn’t satisfy your Zucks fix, consider the upcoming comic book staring the Facebook head honcho. Sure, The Social Network features big names like Justin Timberlake and all the flash and pizazz of a Hollywood flick, but you can’t carry it around in your back pocket. Oh, unless you download the movie your iPhone. Darnit.

Annnyway, Bluewater Productions — whose previous comic book stars include William Shatner and Vincent Price — plans to release the Zucks-centered comic in December. The story will focus on answering the question, “Who is the real Mark Zuckerberg?”

Word has the next installment will feature Zucks fighting crime with his weapons of choice, extra sharp hoodie zippers and Adias sandals.

Full story at Mashable.

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