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Marshmallow the kitten is a tiny morsel of adorable [video]

The runt of the litter doesn’t always get a fighting chance, but thanks to a lot of tender-loving care and a mug cute enough to melt your heart faster than its namesake in hot chocolate, Marshmallow is doing just fine.

According to her owner:

She refuses to stay in her nest box, rebelliously clawing and crying murder when she is placed there. Marshy is also able to regulate her body temperature better now to the point where she no longer needs a heating pad or “rice socks” to keep warm when mama Mochi is not around. We used to place a heating pad beneath the nest box to cover about ½ of the surface area, so Marshy could keep warm, but also move off the heated area if she felt hot.

Sounds like this feisty girl will do just fine.

Full story at YouTube via Care2.

All kinds of cute.

Graphics credit: Canva

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  • Marshmellow has to be the cutest kitten everyborn!