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Massive rat nabbed at Bronx Foot Locker [photo]


Would you like a chunk of rat poop with those Reeboks?

Workers at a Foot Locker in the Bronx discovered a giant, heebeejeebies-inducing rat hanging out amongst the store’s shoe boxes. Word has it the gargantuan critter had his beady eyes on a pair of rodent-size Air Jordan XI Concords.

Full story at Gothamist.

Oodles of oddities.

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  • gscratch

    Aww the wonders of perspective. If that’s a typical edger/chipper – which it appears to be, that might be a 9-10" long rat. Perfectly normal. Why do I think this? Well, unless that wooden handle is 4" thick, it’s no more than an 8-10" blade.