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Mayor’s parking spot turned into park


Ithaca, New York mayor Svante Myrick entered office as the youngest mayor ever elected in the upstate city, but his age is just one thing that makes him stand out. The 25-year-old official vowed to give up his car after the election and he kept his promise, joining the 15 percent of local residents that walk to work.

Myrick’s commitment to go car-free meant his prime parking spot at city hall sat unused. Rather than leave the space empty, he had a mini park set up and changed the “Reserved for Mayor” sign to read “Reserved for Mayor and Friends.”

The young mayor admits he still misses his car, but he fills his driving fix by using cars in the Ithaca Carshare. On his campaign website, Myrick wrote, “The answer to too many cars is not necessarily more parking spaces … We can change traffic patterns and parking behaviors by providing alternative methods of transportation which are more affordable, reliable and convenient.”

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