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Meat-scented billboard


As if the smell of exhaust and construction didn’t already make the highway a hotbed of funk, a grocery store chain in North Carolina would like to add steak smell to that concoction of odors. Bloom grocery stores erected a billboard on the River Highway that emits the scent of grilling steak to motorists cruising by the sign.

A system call scent-air technologies developed the unique odor that will continue pumping out the steak smell until June 18. Swing through Mooresville, NC for a whiff…or just break out the Weber grill and a hunk of meat.

Full story at Channel 14 News.

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  • Kimberly Otsuka

    Very interesting. I know that scents are used in perfume advertisements but I would never have thought of using it for a billboard. Great use of all our senses. Driving down the freeway and smelling meat, interesting concept. Seems like a new creative step for the advertisement industry. Can’t wait to start using this technology to create billboards.