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Meet Condoman and Lubeliscious, Queensland’s safe sex super duo


If you happen to be strolling through an event in aboriginal Queensland, Australia and catch a glimpse of what look like comic book characters, you haven’t wandered in to the Queensland ComicCon so much as a promotional opportunity for Queensland Health and their dynamic and sexually-responsible duo, Condoman and Lubeliscious.

Condoman was first introduced in the late ‘80s in an effort to encourage safe sex practices among aboriginal youth, but what’s a comic book without a well-endowed heroine (in the brains department, thank you very much)?

This comic book is the first time we see a range of new characters- in particular Lubelicious, who helps Condoman to fight a range of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) in Indigenous communities across Queensland. Lubelicious represents the image of a strong Indigenous woman who promotes the use of water based lubricant. Together with Condoman, they fight STI’s and challenge the shame of talking about sexual health.

Other new characters include the usual suspects, including HIV, Syphillis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, HPV, Hepatitis B and C, and Herpes, as well as the most evil character of all, Stigmalien, described as “…the leader of the STI’s [who] represents the stigma attached to living with STI’s or being tested for STI’s.”

Well, now we know who’s been busy tampering with sex ed programs in the U.S., but where, oh where, is our superhero of safe sexuality?

We’re waiting, Condoman, when you’ve finished your business in Queensland.

Full story at Queensland Indigenous Health via io9.

Let’s talk about sex (and get a comic book!).

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