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Meet Maki Yamada, preferred designer of guinea pigs everywhere


On second thought, it might be more accurate to say the only guinea pig designer with a name of any kind.

Part of starting a successful business is finding the right niche and outfitting it with the right idea, and heaven knows, the fashion of the small and furry has been buried by an avalanche of cat and dog costumes, but those small, nervous creatures perpetually taking a backseat to bunnies now has a line to call its own thanks to Tokyo-based designer Maki Yamada.

The funny thing is that guinea pigs aren’t even particularly popular in Japan.

As she told the Daily Beast:

“The population density is really high, so you can’t really have big cages [in your small apartment],” Yamada said, attesting that hamsters are more of a small-rodent norm. But in Japan—a country whose commercial market revolves around kawaii(the cultural moniker for “cute”)—the pet clothing market is already incredibly saturated. It’s why Yamada has no plans to expand her label to accommodate guinea pigs’ popular counterpart—bunny rabbits. “There are already lots of people doing clothes for rabbits, I want to try for more minor pets like prairie dogs,” she said of her next moves.

So watch out, Kansas; she’s coming for you.

Full story at The Daily Beast. Designs available at Guinea Pig Fashion.

It’s like Rodeo for rodents.

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