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Meet the Bonsai monks of Georgia


Imagine a monastery and a snapshot of medieval Europe usually pops to mind, perhaps housing a brewery to fund their life of prayer, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, which makes its home in the heart of the south, chose a unique path to sustainability and one with origins far from European shores.

Inspired by an early love of horticulture and a childhood visit to a Japanese friend, the late Father Paul Bourne began the Monastery Greenhouse in the mid-1960s, specializing in the raising of bonsai and offering his expertise in a region where few had gone before him.

The Cisterian monk boasted an MA in Art from Yale, and though he never received a formal education in the art of bonsai, his creativity and years of study earned him a respected place in the minds of his international peers.

Since the monk’s passing in 1995, the Monastery Greenhouse has continued the tradition, offering bonsai supplies and pottery over the internet and trees for those who visit the greenhouse in Conyers, Georgia.

If practicing the art of bonsai doesn’t calm your nerves, though, we’re sure the monks will throw in a few prayers for free.

Full story at BonsaiMonk.com. H/T to Nikola Tesla Generator.

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