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Mental rehearsal can improve performance

Do you mentally rehearse challenging tasks? Not just psych yourself up for something but literally mentally practice the steps to complete a complicated task.

“Rehearsal could be useful for a job interview or important meeting; not just in what you’ll say but how you’ll talk, carry yourself and interact with others. Mental rehearsal could also be useful in how you deal with your children, or make a difficult phone call or how you’ll accomplish the most challenging parts of your job.”

“Mental practice has to be like real practice: it should be systematic and as close to reality as you can make it. Just daydreaming won’t work.”

Have you ever tried this process? I’ve used it successfully and the article gives great examples from surgeons, race car driver, and other athletes.

Full article at PsyBlog

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  • Beautiful picture…

  • Kind of like visualize a golf shot? I need to work on this +Peg Fitzpatrick I have never been good at rehearsing.

  • +Joseph Ruiz It is like visually a golf shot but going through the actual steps of picking the right golf club, setting the ball on the tee, praying the ball will go farther than 5 feet, [oh wait, that's me]. I used it a lot at a former job that I had to have really difficult conversations with people, it was very helpful.

  • +Peg Fitzpatrick   we should play golf together , That is the way I play golf 

    visualization is a good way to work  I use it all the time on projects , Close you eyes and see the finished project

  • +Peg Fitzpatrick "I'm not sleeping in late. I'm rehearsing my day."

  • Like +Chaunce Stanton I lie in bed in the morning thinking about my tasks and breaking them into manageable chunks so they don't seem overwhelming. Otherwise they grow into logjams. If there is some little thing that's hard to do I make it into its own sub-routine, so that accomplishing it is its own reward.

  • +Chaunce Stanton Great example and I do this too minus the sleeping late part.
    +Jane Peppler Exactly!

  • +Peg Fitzpatrick Yes, there is seldom "sleeping in" for me. My ginger cat forbids this.

  • +Chaunce Stanton You always know who the boss is with cats.