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Merriam-Webster adds “tweet” and “social media” to dictionary


Merriam-Webster has legitimized tech speak with the additions of “tweet” and “social media” to its Collegiate Dictionary. Other tech-related additions to the country’s best-selling dictionary include “m-commerce” and “crowdsourcing.”

Peter Sokolowski, editor-at-large for the dictionary, revealed that M-W does not use any formal methodologies when deciding on new additions, saying: “It’s just a process of seeing a word used frequently and in many different sources.” Mentions in news outlets like The New York Times reportedly score big points for candidates.

This year’s crop of new additions also includes “fist bump,” “helicopter parent,” “bromance,” and “cougar” (like the middle-age woman, not animal).

Full story at Mashable.

Embrace social media.

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