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Military names first male Spouse of the Year


Jeremy Hilton spends his days caring for his 2-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, who suffers from Hydrocephalus, a medical condition that left the little girl with significant brain damage. Hilton’s job as a stay-at-home dad stands in stark contrast to his life before children. He left behind a distinguished career in the Navy and now totes around hot pink business cards, advocating for families impacted by disabilities.

For his work, Hilton earned the honor of 2012’s “Military Spouse of the Year,” marking the first time a man took home the award. Hilton’s wife, Renae, serves as a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, an active-duty role in which women women hold fewer than 15 percent of the positions.

While honored by the distinction, Hilton hopes he will be recognized for his work more than his gender. “I don’t want to be applauded for being a man. I want to be applauded for what I’ve done,” he said. “I don’t want to be known as the first male military spouse of the year. I suspect the first female fighter pilot was like, I’m a damn good fighter pilot, and that has nothing to do with my sex. It’s because I’ve worked my butt off. ”

Full story at The Daily Beast.

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Photo credit: Military Spouse Magazine

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