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Mobius strip house is mathematical mansion


We’ve started to become accustomed to the sight of 3-D printing technology and even the ways it could revolutionize our lives, but the most massive project planned to date will leave you awestruck not only by its scale but also by its mathematical beauty.

The ‘landscape house’ by Dutch practice Universe Architecture is essentially a 10,500 square-foot inhabitable mobius strip that, quite literally, erases the distinction between the exterior and interior, as walls bend into ceilings which curve into floors and bend into a roof.

In the words of the architects, it is an ‘architecture of continuity with an endless array of applicability.’ concept aside, the construction of the dwelling will rely solely on the technologies developed by designer Rinus Rowlofs. The residence will be printed in 20 to 30-foot sections from the ground up with layer upon layer of sand held together with a bonding agent. fiberglass and reinforced concrete elements will be added on afterwards for additional reinforcement and maximum durability. The project is expected for completion in 2014, costing at an estimated 5 to 6 million dollars for what will be the largest 3D printed project to date.

Though fascinating, we think we’d be 3-D printing ourselves some curtains for the bathroom right quick.

Full story at Design Boom.

Cutting edge architecture.

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