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Modern buyers snub Dick Clark’s Stone Age abode


Offer most people 360-degree views of the Pacific and surrounding mountain ranges and they’ll be loathe to turn you down, yet no has yet been willing to pay $3.5 million for Dick Clark’s throwback dwelling in Malibu.

The original listing price was just bumped down by a quarter of a million dollars to further entice adventurous buyers into purchasing the one bedroom, two bath home that gives one the feeling a certain Fred Flintstone will come slamming in the door any minute looking for Wilma, but perhaps too many classic TV personalities make for a home too close for comfort.

Be it a bad market or simply bad marketing, it might be time to stick some solar panels on that baby and call it an eco-friendly steal with a fountain of youth hidden somewhere on the twenty-two-plus acre property.

I mean, look at Dick Clark; it’s gotta be there somewhere.

flintstone house 2

Full story at Curbed LA.

Priceless real estate.

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