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Monarch butterflies are in serious danger

You can help them by planting milkweed plants. You can also help by monitoring the monarchs.

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Photo credit: Ragesoss

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  • Very cool that you posted this! Thank you!!! #Conservation

  • Thanks for posting Guy. Everybody, here is somewhere you can buy seeds http://shop.monarchwatch.org/store/p/1185-Milkweed-Seed-Kit.aspx even though they are out of stock 🙁

  • Milkweed…the poor man's Elmer's glue.

  • Can I just clone the butterflies, it would be much easier and cheaper.

  • This is caused by Monsanto herbicide. Keep buying GMO foods, people, there are still some butterflies left to be killed. We need to work harder to rid the planet of this useless species. BUY MONSANTO FOODS!

  • Here's the webcast where he talks about GMO herbicide killing the butterflies.

  • Thank you for the links!

  • We had a bunch and the monarch caterpillars loved it, but then the wasps came to dine on the caterpillars. It's hard to keep up with the caterpillars needs as well. They ran out of leaves and started wandering off.

  • Don't use Roundup type of pesticides. Keep posting things like this that WILL make a difference. Don't wait for a Government idiot to decide for us. Thanks for the post!

  • +Dean Ender
    So, has it been determined that pesticides is the main reason for the decline?

  • Randall


    No one knows why the Monarchs are declining right now, no one knows how long the decline will last, no one knows much of anything about them.

    We do know that US corn has been genetically-modified for thirty years and there is no epidemic of cancer or birth defects in humans, and it seems odd to presume that the last few years’ decline in Monarch numbers is due to something that apparently did not cause Monarch declines for the first twenty-some years it’s been in use.

  • Luv monarchs, thanks for milkweed tip! ;~D