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Mother of all female pilots dies at 102


It’s Mother’s Day and, therefore, the perfect time to honor the memory of the mother of all female pilots, Evelyn “Mama Bird” Bryan Johnson who recently passed at the age of 102.

Her legacy is truly impressive, as Knox News explained:

“At 95, she was still managing the airport she had run since 1953, where she had taught more than 3,000 student pilots and certified more than 9,000 pilots for the Federal Aviation Administration,” according to Philly.com. “She is said to have logged more flight hours, trained more pilots and given more Federal Aviation Administration exams than any other pilot on the planet,”

Her career began in 1944 when she and her first husband were running a dry cleaning business and he hoped to fly in World War II. Ironically enough, it was her husband who ended up in charge of the laundry as Mama Bird took to the sky.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those ladies who broke the mold and those who gave their children the wings to do so.

Full story at Philly.com via The Mary Sue.

An aviation heroine.

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