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Motorcyclist knocked unconscious at 140 mph

By some miracle,¬†Joshua Boyd lived to tell about his experience of being knocked unconscious going over 140 mph on a motorcycle, though he doesn’t remember the details for obvious reasons.

A piece of a bike in front of him came loose, sailing through the air and knocking Boyd out. What saved his life was that he made it to the grass, where he rolled off as his bike crashed.

Not surprisingly, he had some sharp words for the event organizers and those who don’t check for loose parts.

Full story at Jalopnik.

Terrifying motorcycle incidents.

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  • I had a friend that lost his bike at 132 mph. He joked from 132 to approx. 90 mph was pretty uneventful……..not much friction at all. But it got kind of tough from 90 mph to 0.

  • Company President

    What part came loose? What organization was running the event and doing the tech inspections? Was this a track day or a competition? What was he riding? I guess I will just have to wonder. Nice article if you don’t care about interesting details.