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Move over pizza, and make way for adjaruli khachapuri

If what makes your mouth water at the thought of pizza is the gooey-cheesy goodness and the smell of a fresh-out-of-the-oven crust, it’s tough to think of a dish that satisfies those urges, then takes it to the next level.

Welcome to the next level: adjaruli khachapuri.

As Gothamist’s Nell Casey explains:

The adjaruli version of khachapuri—a catch-all term for different types of Georgian cheese bread—originated in the Adjara region of the country, which borders the black sea and accounts for the bread’s boat-like shape. Inside, two different types of cheese; sulguni, which boasts a mozzarella-like texture, and imeruli, which is similar to feta. The two cheeses are bonded with egg and made into a mixture, which is stuffed inside the bread and baked. The finishing touches: a barely poached egg and a hearty stick of butter. Ready for that walk yet?

Yes, a stick of butter.

Make the jump to see a video of this food poetry in the making.

Full story at Gothamist.

If heaven could be tasted.

Graphic credit: Canva

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