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Municipal pots sprout pot in Wales


Weeds are a nuisance to any city trying to spruce up the streets, but the weed that sprouted in Newport’s municipal pots were particularly high on the list of undesirable species.

Thought to be a teenage prank, six containers near the center of the Welsh city of Newport sprouted cannabis plants much to the surprise of everyone in the know.

As one anonymous source noted:

“He just planted them for a laugh,” the friend said.

“He thought it would be funny to see how big they would grow.

“The soil the council are using must be great. To be that size I reckon they must have been there about eight weeks.”

And while locals are amused by the spectacle of marijuana growing in containers with the city seal, local authorities are anything but:

“Although this could be a hoax, it is a serious issue and Newport City council will be informing the police, and checking its CCTV cameras,” the [city] spokeswoman said.

A Gwent police spokesman said: “Now that the plants have apparently disappeared it’s difficult to determine whether they were in fact illegal cannabis plants or not, and if so, whether they had been deliberately planted for cultivation.”

Full story at Wales Online.

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Photo credit: WalesOnline

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