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My visit to Notre Dame

A long time ago—just after the invention of electricity—I went to college at Stanford. As I recall, I got into three schools: Stanford, the University of Hawaii, and Occidental, and my father gave me no choice but to go to Stanford. Fast forward, forty years, and now my oldest son is looking at schools.

These days you try to visit many schools to make a decision (had I gone to Occidental, maybe I would be president). This week my son and I are visiting schools, and I thought I’d document the process. Our first stop was the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.


The Notre Dame dome. The regilding process was fascinating.


The view from under the dome looking up.


The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.


This is where the magic happens. Click here to learn more about the Notre Dame admission process.


By sheer luck, the director of admissions, Robert Mundy, gave our information session.


Funny student tour guides: Pati Navas and Nick Weido. Read what other students say about Notre Dame at the Unigo site.


On the ice at the hockey rink.


We met some members of the hockey team in the locker room. None were from Hawaii. These guys went to the Frozen Four and lost to the eventual champions, University of Minnesota, Duluth. (from left to right Sean Lorenz, Calle Ridderwall, Eric Ringel, and Brian Brooke)


A new rink is going up. It will have two sheets of ice. Maybe I can go back to school and get a PhD in social media.


The Notre Dame lacrosse team lost in overtime last year in the Division I championship.


I had four meals at Notre Dame. Two were at Five Guys.


I was told that this Subway sells more sandwiches than any other Subway in the world.


There are computer labs (many with Macintoshes) scattered throughout the campus. This is the lab in the LaFortune Student Center.


Recreation room at the student center.


Inside the Department of Art, Art History, & Design at the Edna and Leo Riley Hall of Art and Design.


I loved this poster.


A resident advisor’s room in Alumni Hall.


The South Dining Hall—ala Harry Potter.


Another branding opportunity!


This is Paul Hornung’s Heisman Trophy. Notre Dame players have won seven Heismans.


The “Four Horsemen.” They were quarterback Harry Stuhldreher, left halfback Jim Crowley, right halfback Don Miller and fullback Elmer Layden. Here’s the marketing story: “George Strickler, then Knute Rockne’s student publicity aide and later sports editor of the Chicago Tribune, made sure the name stuck. After the team arrived back in South Bend, he posed the four players, dressed in their uniforms, on the backs of four horses from a livery stable in town. The wire services picked up the now-famous photo, and the legendary status of the Four Horsemen was ensured.” Note to Notre Dame website person: “insured” should be “ensured.” I had a 680 on my English SAT.


The “Irish Commandments” in the football locker room.


Maybe the next Notre Dame Heisman winner: Mike Floyd. He showed us around the football complex. How cool is that?


This is Notre Dame’s idea of an infographic: below each NFL team’s helmet are the Notre Dame graduates who play for the team.


The gameroom for the football team.


The Rolfs Sports Recreation Center. I was told that the dorms have full-contact football teams and intramural ice-hockey leagues.


Weightroom of Rolfs.


Notre Dame even has its own “Innovation Park” to foster the commercialization of technology. (left to right: Joe Queenan, Natalie Stahl, Theresa Sedlack, and Dave Brenner)


These are my friends from Notre Dame Student International Business Council who set up my speech and visit. (from left to right: Andrew Charnesky, Flavio Gregorio, Stephen Zerfas, Kelsey Falter, Monica Laidig, and Beto Elizondo)


One last picture: Kelsey Falter. She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our visit went well. Thanks Kelsey!

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  • Anna Morrison

    Ahhhh, good ol’ Notre Dame! How I miss you!

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