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NASA announces the all-clear for February 15th asteroid fly-by [video]

We hate to burst the bubble of the conspiracy crowd, but for those of you harboring a fear that asteroid 2012 DA 14 was going to necessitate an extra special splurge for this Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck.

Though it won’t be visible to the naked eye, the asteroid will be passing between Earth and GPS satellites, though NASA says there isn’t much of a chance of a collision, so feel free to use your maps function with as much confidence as you usually do.

The planet was actually hit with an asteroid of this size in 1908, and you may have noticed we’re still here, but if you still harbor doubts about the space agency, it sounds like they’ve got us covered when it comes to predicting any future incidents:

20 years ago, you probably wouldn’t have found this object. But now NASA is observing the skies nightly and picking up these objects and we track them for a hundred years into the future and see if any of them make interesting close Earth approaches. Not only because of the threat issue but because these objects are important for science, they’re important for future resources, as well as threats.

So, feel free to give an extra hug or switch it up from the usual candy and flowers, but if you don’t, it’s not like it’s the end of the world.

Check out the video here.

Full story at NASA.

Eyes on the skies.

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