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New birth control for men is 100% effective


What’s a couple needle pokes in the scrotum for 10 years of 100 percent effective birth control, dudes?

Scientists in India have developed an injectable birth control for men that has so far tested 100 percent effective and totally reversible without any nasty side effects. Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance, or RISUG, uses a non-toxic, positively-charged polymer to zap sperm passing by, rendering your swimmers (all of them) duds. The injection lasts at least 10 years, and can be easily reversed with another set of injections.

Drug companies apparently aren’t too thrilled about a low cost birth control that doesn’t require regular maintenance (read: regular payments to drug company), so RISUG is being developed by a private foundation. The Gates Foundation has dropped $100K on the project, which has started Phase III test trials in India.

Full story at Dvice.

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  • Renan Rotondano

    I would use it… I mean, it’s better than a vasectomy =}