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New features for Google Hangouts on Air enable including sign-language interpret…

New features for Google Hangouts on Air enable including sign-language interpreter


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  • Now all I have to do is learn sign language and I can figure out what all those chat speak acronyms stand for?

  • That is way cool.   I didn't see any information on pricing.  I have a friend in San Diego I haven't been able to communicate with in many years other than text.

  • Awesome. Thinking big is thinking of all of us.

  • The only issue I can see with sign language over video is connection burps causing a miscommunication when the video jumbles for a moment.

  • I need to tell my friend about this, he's a seasoned signer.

  • Accessibility Matters ;-B

  • I love Google+ step up game good

  • hi how are you

  • Very good, now my cousin can check this out!

  • It is awesome for disable users.

  • bravo!

  • Hihihihi

  • Fantastic 😀 Simply

  • :v (crack)

  • :v (crack)

  • Thought you were kidding at first- this is the coolest thing since homogenization…well, maybe not- but I've concluded to redo some of my sites completely in Spanish, as we have a large such speaking local population, and ALL sites will have a clear method to translate the text to their languages.  One world, one + Google.

  • Fajne 🙂

  • This is a fantastic idea, and shows that Google+ actually puts some thought into accessibility issues. Kudos to Google!

  • Hangouts and hangouts on Air are the biggest thing in communication. Today, 150 Years after the first telephone call humans  are connected eye in eye, without the need of spending money for the communication… Great;)

  • Google took me happy news ! This is very smart solution !

  • Wow … They should have the option for a work therapist or mediator too. Lol.

  • Saw that. My wife and I graduated from an ASL class last year in Asheville.

  • Amazing +Google !!
    This is what i love about this Company!!!!!!!!!
    Helping the World… One lab at a time.

    Google is & will be the best educator of All time.
    (think it might be possible… without politics… they could change the whole education system)

    Imagine Public Schools taught us the Basic tools….
    Taught us how to use a Chromebook
    & Let Google do the rest…
    We all could start being whoever we wanted to be at a young age.
    (sorry i got excited…haha)

  • Or make a phone that can vacuum my daily luggage (meaning backpacks). Its amazing how crumbs and such gets in there.

  • I would really like to know, how long was google + working on this idea to develop sign-language interpreter?

  • Me! Me! Me! I was born to be an interpreter on Hangouts!