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New list of world’s most livable cities has a few big surprises


Hong Kong is the world’s most livable city?

Indeed it is, according to a new interpretation of data from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) by Filippo Lovato, an architect and urban planner. Lovato’s interpretation is called the “spatially adjusted” liveability list, which focuses on data about “…urban planning, including cities’ green space, (lack of) sprawl, natural assets, cultural assets, connectivity and (lack of) isolation.

Usual suspects for top spots, Vancouver, Melbourne and Vienna, got bumped out of the top ten, and despite its pollution issues, Hong Kong is now king, at least according to this interpretation of the EIU’s data.

What’s your take on the new list?

1. Hong Kong

2. Amsterdam

3. Osaka

4. Paris

5. Sydney

7. Berlin

8. Toronto

9. Munich

10. Tokyo

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  • tweet2eatHB

    I’m surprised to not see Auckland on the list, although looking at the criteria, it would score lower isolation and urban planning than some of the others in the list. Compare this to the attributes of culture, green space and connectivity should have easily made up for it! Being only an hour from Auckland in Hawke’s Bay, we’re close enough to be able to enjoy our local dining spots http://tweet2eat.co.nz while still being just an hour to Auckland.

    The other city that must be on the list surely is London. It’s surprising how much green space is there and it’s in the middle of it all. So Hong Kong is number one. How to get a work visa!