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New meat source discovered for European Neanderthals: each other

New analysis techniques are allowing researchers to revisit Neanderthal remains with new vigor and revealing some fascinating information on their eating habits.

According to Science Magazine:

Many of the bones were covered in cut marks and dents caused by pounding, indicating that the meat and marrow had been removed. The researchers also spotted what appear to be bite marks running up and down finger bones. The marks were identical to those found on reindeer and horse bones also uncovered at the site, suggesting all three species were prepared and eaten, the researchers report this week in Scientific Reports.

Whether this occurred only on special occasions or when times of hunger hit remains unknown, but you’ll never look at gnawing the skin around your fingernails in quite the same way.

Full story at Science Magazine.

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Photo credit: PhotaroOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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