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New research indicates Tyrannosaurus rex was a cannibal


If the huge head, voracious appetite and wee tiny arms of T rex weren’t creepy enough, add to that a tendency to feed on their own kind, and you have one truly horrifying predator of the late Cretaceous period.

After studying the teeth marks on collections of fossils in eight different museums, Yale researchers believe there is sufficient evidence to say that Tyrranosaurus rex was cannabilistic. The characteristics that indicated they were more than just battle scars were the presence of bite marks on places that would not have been exposed until after death – such as under joint sockets – and the presence of small teeth marks on the remains of much larger animals. As one researcher noted,

“You have to picture T rex standing still while another one dines on its toe and that’s pretty unrealistic.”

Only one other dinosaur, Majungatholus, has so far been identified as a cannibal, but a closer look at the fossil record may reveal more.

Full story at Guardian.


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