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New study suggests violent gaming leads to cooperation, not aggression


For every violent video game created, there are an inordinate amount of concerned adults that feel young children and teens are being brainwashed by them, causing our minors to turn into desensitized, cold-blooded monsters. But according to a new study from researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden (of course this would come out of forward-thinking Sweden), violent video games actually promote cooperation and encourage gamers to control their aggression.

The situations gamers encounter in these games call for sophisticated and well-coordinated collaboration. We analysed what characteristics and knowledge the gamers need to have in order to be successful,” says Jonas Ivarsson, one of the study’s authors and Docent at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning.

It makes sense when you think about it. It doesn’t matter how many ‘enemy soldiers’ that you slaughter in a game if you act like a jerk outside the game. Because if you’re not nice to your multiplaying friends online, you won’t get very far in the game.

Full story at GeekOSystem.

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